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Colour Response

Colour Response – 1–12 April 2022

'Colour Response' presents the work of two abstract artists who respectively translate their visual memories and emotional experiences through colours. The composition of their work emerges through a similar painting process of applying layer upon layer of thin paint, revealing or obscuring the surface. However, their pictorial language remains dramatically different as they respond to their own nature and sensibility; the hard edge aesthetic of Caroline McIntyre in contrast to the organic forms of Tanya Wales. Caroline McIntyre’s work are influenced by botanical details and unexpected colour associations found in the natural environment. Her hard edge aesthetic is the result of layering geometric shapes of transparent or opaque colours. It is a play between what is visible and what is not, until an image that holds both depth and flatness emerges. Calling on varied techniques and processes, Tanya Wales’s work explores a combination of colour and indistinct form, building a complex yet considered narrative within each piece that references a point in time and a playful celebration of painting itself. Once completed, each work conveys the artist’s fascination with the fluid inevitability of life’s journey. This exhibition is a celebration of colour.