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I announced my first collaborative exhibition, “Immersed” with Marie Schlederer, showcased at Pop Up Gallery 393 in Redfern from Thursday 22 September – Sunday 25 September 2011. Aptly named, “Immersed” offered a collection of artworks which celebrated the intangible nature of perception and the emotional resonance of colour. My work juxtaposed with that of Marie Schlederer in presenting a rich palette of hues in their most expressive form however each of us interpreted their impression differently through form, technique and composition; in particular I wanted to challenge the viewer to pause, engage and reflect the artwork at hand. The body of work I developed for ‘Immersed’ was driven by an exploration of abstract features, focusing on enhancing an implicit energy and tension and adding further layers of colour, complexity and ambiguity to my larger works. Generally, and as was the case for ‘Immersed’, I work on several pieces simultaneously and in many different stages of completion. This helps to build a body of work which takes the viewer on a sensory journey, using various mediums and techniques to reflect a magic depth of form, colour and composition. The instinctive and intuitive nature that characterise my paintings highlight the expressive abandon I enjoy, immersing myself in an enviable colour palette to explore and express emotions onto the canvas.